3 reasons to get Accident & Sickness Insurance

No matter how careful we are, accidents and illnesses DO happen.

Our Accident and Sickness Insurance Plans pay cash benefits directly to you or whomever you choose for covered injuries or illnesses. It's your money to spend any way you like.

There for you when it matters the most.

Accident & Sickness Insurance is here to help provide relief when a covered accident or sickness creates unexpected expenses for you and your family. Let us worry about the unexpected. You take care of you.

Accident & Sickness Insurance is worth it.

Hospital bills can add up quickly, and most likely your health insurance won't cover everything. There may be out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and co-payments. Choose among 3 plan options to get the right coverage for you at the right price. 

What can our Accident & Sickness Insurance Plans cover?

Our Accident & Sickness Insurance provides coverage ranging from common accidents and illnesses like a sprained ankle and pneumonia to emergency situations involving surgery and ICU care. We pay cash benefits directly to you or whomever you choose for any covered injury or illness. Insurance coverages include:

Hospital Confinement

Up to $400 a day for hospitalization due to a covered illness or accident

Emergency Room Treatment

Up to $500 per visit due to a covered accident

Follow-up Care

$50 for each follow-up visit with your primary care provider

Ambulance Services

Up to $500 if an ambulance is needed to transport you to the hospital due to covered accident

Recuperation Care

Up to $100 that can be used towards physical therapy sessions after a hospitalization

Intensive Care Treatment

Up to $100 per day for ICU stays

How can Accident & Sickness Insurance help me?

Accident & Sickness Insurance can help with out-of-pocket medical expenses if you are injured in a covered accident or fall ill with a covered sickness. You’re covered 24/7 - whether you are at work, home or play. Coverage amounts will depend on the type of coverage you have and the injury or illness you sustain. But rest assured, we will be there every step of the way to help if you have a covered injury or illness.

Read below to learn more about our plan in action - see how it helped John.

John is not feeling well for 2 days, he has been having a persistent cough and fever.

John is diagnosed with COVID and is in the Intensive care unit for 2 days and regular hospital treatment for an additional four days.

John’s medical insurance pays for most of his hospital bills and treatment costs, but he still has to pay a high deductible and co-pay.

John’s Accident & Sickness Insurance Enhanced Family Plan provides cash benefits that he can use to help cover his out-of-pocket medical expenses.

What coverage looks like

Let's take John's scenario of being diagnosed with COVID and his hospital treatment. The Accident & Sickness Insurance Enhanced Family Plan can pay John up to $2,450 that can help cover his out-of-pocket medical expenses or can be used toward other household bills so he can focus on his recovery.

Our plans can include more than just insurance; John's plan also includes 24/7 Nurse Help Line services which connect John to a nurse to help answer his questions regarding post-treatment care and helps provide recommendations on any symptoms he is having conveniently over the phone.

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Hospital treatment for 4 days

Up to $400/day

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Intensive Care Unit for 2 days

Up to $100/day

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Follow-up visit with his primary care doctor

Up to $50/visit

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24/7 nurse help line


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Recuperation Care for 6 days

Up to $100/day

What can John's plan pay?+

Up to $2,450

The scenarios summarized above are offered only as examples. These stories are fictional and should not be used as basis for any specific decision making. Coverage will depend on the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. Benefit amounts are dependent on the plan selected and the premium will vary with the amount of the benefits selected.

Look beyond coverage and expect more

Our Accident & Sickness Insurance Plans were built to include everyday health and wellness to support you and can include the following services:+++

Provides independent opinions from respected leaders in the medical field that could help avoid unnecessary procedures and/or expenses.

Access to registered nurses anytime to answer questions, assess symptoms and provide recommendations conveniently over the phone.

Provides confidential telephone counseling, and referral service for work-life, issues related to marriage and family, substance abuse, stress, grief and more.

+ Coverage based on Accident & Sickness Insurance Enhanced Family Plan terms and conditions. Actual coverage may vary by state and by plan selected. Please review the Terms and Conditions for details of coverage in your state on the next page.
+++ Not all non-insurance services are provided in all plans.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Coverage under the policy does not constitute comprehensive health insurance coverage (a/k/a/ "major medical insurance"). It therefore does not satisfy the "minimum essential coverage" requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Coverage will not satisfy the individual responsibility requirements of section 5000A of the Internal Revenue Code.

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